The 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz is the source for a number of famous quotes prominent in popular culture today, the title of this blog being one such reference.  My use of the word ‘space’ instead of the original ‘place’ is an intertextual nod to cultural theorists such as Bachelard, Lefebvre, De Certeau, Foucault and Soja for whom space and place are not separate, but different forms of the one thing.  Having walked the city, visited traumascapes and lived as flaneur through this semester’s course on Producing Culture, space, whether it’s perceived, conceived or constructed holds a compelling allure.  This blog is an engagement spawned by intellectual curiosity with the theories of those previously mentioned to explore the different forms of space whereby (in terms of this being the last assessment) space really is ‘the final frontier’.

Throughout this blog you will find many references to The Wizard of Oz. This is by no means an attempt at interpreting Frank Baum’s work, they are simple literary devices, employed in a way that is meaningful to me.  I have also given each theorist their own space, so to speak, by creating a separate page for each one (just follow the links at the top of the page).  It is on these pages that I have explored their work from an academic perspective, briefly (it’s by no means exhaustive) outlining the important ideas, similarities and differences I found in their work on spatial theory. On this page however I have explored and combined elements of interest and culture that I think are relative to each theorist with my own artistic representations of their work, created with photo manipulation software in Polyvore.  For ease of reading and space I have not included in-text referencing, however a full list of sources is given on the reference page. Where images besides my own have been used a hyperlink to their source has been added.

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